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Mortgagee Property Limited (HK) trading as offers comprehensive listings and marketing of distressed real estate in Australia.

All real estate listed are selected based on a strict matrix of due-diligence, potential growth and bank valuations. Property listings circulated via our private client emailings are provided by property developers, individuals, banks, administrators, liquidators, and receivers – giving you the best choices of distressed Australian real estate for sale.

At, we offer a full range of services from consulting, due-diligence, valuations, remediation and wealth management.

Our most popular service is the Mortgagee Investors Club wherein, private investors can acquire a shareholding in specially formed corporate syndicates. The Mortgagee Investors Club syndicates have the strength in numbers and significant equity to purchase large tranches of real estate opportunities at well below valuation.

Our Mortgagee Investors Club member shareholders included private investors, wealthy families and companies all of whom have seen the opportunities of mortgagee foreclosed real estate and the peace of mind of our syndicate management.

Mortgagee Property Limited offers a full range of Australian real estate services

Australia Real Estate Opportunities

  • One Stop Solution for Property Investors

    Look no further than if you wish to acquire the best distressed real estate opportunities.

    Our listings include mortgagee properties posted by developers, banks, administrators, liquidators, and receivers – giving you the best choices at below market value rates and a choice of distressed real estate that must be sold immediately.

  • Mortgagee Investors Club Syndicate Members

    The Mortgagee Investors Club is by invitation or referral only and, is a syndicate of private investors that are constantly acquiring real estate opportunities under serious financial duress.

    The Mortgagee Investors Club is constantly searching for Australian real estate from individual apartments to large tranches in excess of HKD $30 million (approx AUD $5 million).

  • Australian Bank Finance

    Our private bankers provide our customers and Mortgagee Investors Club Members, competitive finance packages.

    Offered privately by Australia’s largest banks, the real estate finance is a game changer for our property investors and ensure that each mortgagee property and sydicates deliver positive rental income.

The Director and staff of Mortgage Property have over 25 years of Australia real estate experience in solving problems

Specialised Consulting Services

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Receivers and Liquidators

The team, directors and consultants have a proven track record in the seizing of assets and preparing large tranches of residential projects for market. From completing unfinished construction works, to minor or major renovations, our Directors are fully proficient in undertaking any sized project to get the best results for receivers and liquidators. Our reputation for taking on the impossible and turning past failures into success is well known and, no project is too large or two small, from $5 million to $200 million is our comfort zone.

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Building and Construction

In most cases, at the demise of a property developer or builder, an entire building site can be left in ruins with unfinished building works. Without immediate action the project will be an open invitation to the theft of assets if unsecured by unpaid contractors and employees. In addition, the property will remain un-marketable until presentable to potential real estate investors. The directors of Mortgagee Property Limited are registered Australian builders and can perform a full range of construction works ranging from renovation works to domestic construction works.

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Distressed Property Developers

It goes without saying, that residue stock that failed to settle should have been better managed and identified as a ‘settlement risk’ well before the settlement stop watch started. Unless you have a strong sales team that can jump back in a time machine and move un-settled stock quickly, in most cases left over apartments become ‘Egyptian Stock’ that ultimately will be buried along with the ‘Pharaoh’, upon his demise. If your bank manager is micro managing your cheque book you should consider contacting to move your apartment stock urgently.

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The Club is a syndicate of high net worth, investors that has
the buying power to aquire large tranches of real estate.

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