Astute property investors wishing to purchase Australia real estate at below market value.

Why buy a Mortgagee Property?

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Mortgagee Property Limited (HK) trading as offers comprehensive listings and marketing of distressed real estate in Australia.

2016/17 is forecast to see a drastic increase in the number of mortgagee auctions and forced sales. For struggling Australian real estate owners, the economic and oversupply set of conditions makes it challenging for them to continue servicing the bank loans and many, are forced to voluntarily dispose of property assets.

Real Estate offered by Mortgagee Property Limited (HK) is listed by developers, individuals, banks, administrators and receivers. Unlike mortgagee property auctions, the real estate listed on is offered for sale with a certified bank valuation so potential buyers know the equity of the property upfront, before making an offer to the seller.

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Reasons why you should consider buying a mortgagee property:

buying a mortgagee property

Below market value

Properties may be bought at below market value (around 10-45% less) depending on a variety of factors

Better rental yields

Depending on the equity and loan structure, the property may provide better rental yields

Real estate equity

Creates equity which can be used to acquire other financial investments in the future

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Why a Mortgagee

Learn how astute investors purchase Australian real estate at below market
value that provides instant equity and positive cashflow.

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The Club is a syndicate of high net worth, investors that has
the buying power to aquire large tranches of real estate.

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