Melbourne CBD and Southbank Apartments dog boxes in the sky

'Shameful': Melbourne mayor slams city [Apartments]'dog boxes in the sky'

Melbourne mayor slams 'dog boxes in the sky'
Melbourne's lord mayor has harsh words for some of the city's high-rise property developers.
In a strongly worded speech to the Urban Development Institute of Australia conference in Adelaide, Cr Doyle likened some high-rise residential towers to "dog boxes in the sky".

"You know I am pro-development, but some of the developments that have been put before us are shameful," Mr Doyle said in a speech prepared for the conference. "Developments that are three times the recommended height limit: it's not iconic, it's just big. "That rely on borrowed light: it's not a bedroom, it's a cupboard. These developments are not better for our city and we will not give them planning approval."

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Date: March 10 2016 at 5:42 PM
Published by: The Australian Financial Review
Reporter: Nick Lenaghan
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Category: Australia Real Estate