by developers, deceased estates, individuals, banks, administrators, liquidators, and receivers

Who is offering the real estate for sale

mortgagee australia real estate
Unlike mortgage property auctions, the properties that are circulated to our clients are posted by developers, deceased estates, individuals, banks, administrators, liquidators, and receivers.

In most circumstances, the seller is in a situation of pre-foreclosure and is seeking to dispose of real estate assets prior to the bank or lender taking final control over the asset.

At Mortgagee Property Limited we only list properties that have been valued by a certified valuation firm and, that the seller is prepared to dispose of the real estate at 10%-25% less below the valuation.

Mortgagee Property Limited approved real estate will sold without the stress and risks. There’s no reason to pay more than what the property is worth and we demand from our sellers that they are prepared to accept a sale price based on our expertise and valuations.

Listed properties at are also sold in partnership with thousands of financial planners, accountants, and licensed real estate agents in Australia. They can negotiate on your behalf and assist you in every step of the process.

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Why a Mortgagee

Learn how astute investors purchase Australian real estate at below market
value that provides instant equity and positive cashflow.

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Do you need to Sell
your property urgently ?

More information for distressed real estate owners and property developers
that urgently need to dispose of real estate assets to provide liquidity.

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Mortgagee Investors
Club Membership

The Club is a syndicate of high net worth, investors that has
the buying power to aquire large tranches of real estate.

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Why Choose
our Firm?

Find real estate opportunities
instantly from our private mortgagee lists.