Real estate owners and developers urgently dispose of assets now.

Do you need to Sell your property urgently ?

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Distressed real estate owners and property developers that urgently need to dispose of real estate assets should contact us immediately.

Often circumstances beyond our control force individuals and companies to dispose of assets quickly to assist with liquidity and cash flow.

Our investors database contains thousands of register clients. Currently, the database holds more than 107,000 foreign and local property investors that are registered to receive our Australia real estate offerings.

In addition to our firms client database, the Mortgagee Investors Club is a syndicate of high net worth, cashed up local and overseas investors that are constantly acquiring new real estate opportunities and often settling within weeks of an offer to purchase being accepted by the Directors and shareholders.

For sellers, there are external costs associated with offering mortgage repossessions or distressed real estate including court costs, valuation fees, advertising exspenses, retaining a solicitor and, real estate agency sales fees.

If you wish to take advantage of our companies services, following are the estimated consulting fees


  • Valuation Report

    Before we can offer a real estate opportunity to our valued clients, our assessment team will conduct due-diligence and obtain a valuation report by our panel valuation firms.

    The valuation report establishes the true market value and identifies risks and opportunities for our clients. Valuation fees vary from $800-$1200 depending on the size and complexity of the property submitted. This is an external fee that must be paid by each seller in advance.

  • Distribution Fee

    After the assessment process has been completed and approved for distribution to our clients, the cost of EDM’s, printing and marketing expenses are paid in advance by the seller. $10,000 for 5-10 properties, $20,000 for 10-20 properties.

    With over 100,000 clients registered, communicating new real estate opportunities is expensive and time consuming. To achieve results quickly, an investment in marketing ensures the sales team can get their job done. This fee will be assessed on application.

  • Sales Fee

    As with any successful sales and marketing firm, our sales consultants are rewarded on performance and success. Accordingly, the estimated sales fee ranges from 5% up to 7%, paid upon each unconditional contract

    We pay our staff for results not promises and, this is why we move quickly and efficiently to get results. Often this sales fee is shared with intermediaries whom have referred new members and/or the fee is off-set to assist clients with various purchasing expenses.

The Director and staff of Mortgage Property have over 25 years of Australia real estate experience in solving problems

Specialised Consulting Services

australian receivers andliquidators
Receivers and Liquidators

The team, directors and consultants have a proven track record in the seizing of assets and preparing large tranches of residential projects for market. From completing unfinished construction works, to minor or major renovations, our Directors are fully proficient in undertaking any sized project to get the best results for receivers and liquidators. Our reputation for taking on the impossible and turning past failures into success is well known and, no project is too large or two small, from $5 million to $200 million is our comfort zone.

Australia Real Estate Developers
Building and Construction

In most cases, at the demise of a property developer or builder, an entire building site can be left in ruins with unfinished building works. Without immediate action the project will be an open invitation to the theft of assets if unsecured by unpaid contractors and employees. In addition, the property will remain un-marketable until presentable to potential real estate investors. The directors of Mortgagee Property Limited are registered Australian builders and can perform a full range of construction works ranging from renovation works to domestic construction works.

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Distressed Property Developers

It goes without saying, that residue stock that failed to settle should have been better managed and identified as a ‘settlement risk’ well before the settlement stop watch started. Unless you have a strong sales team that can jump back in a time machine and move un-settled stock quickly, in most cases left over apartments become ‘Egyptian Stock’ that ultimately will be buried along with the ‘Pharaoh’, upon his demise. If your bank manager is micro managing your cheque book you should consider contacting to move your apartment stock urgently.